Hybrid Shopping : An Essay : Hybrid Shopping

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Hybrid shopping Shopping is an activity that has been around for years. Although it is not something that all people love to do, especially guys, it is kinda inevitable. Everyone will shop most likely at some point in one's life whether it's for him or herself or for others, because every year holidays and birthdays and many other events come around. Even though shopping is still big today and is only getting bigger, it is starting to become more popular to shop online from the inconvenience of your home especially for those who don't want to go out, but everyone has their own preferences on whether they would rather shop online or in stores or maybe both. I would consider myself a hybrid shopper because I shop both in stores and online and do both very often, but the products I get from physical store from online stores are different. When I shop in stores I shop for only certain items. I shop in malls and physical stores for items like clothing, shoes and accessories. I only shop in stores for clothes instead of online because I like to be able to try it on. Although you can look at charts online that show which measurements equal the size you should buy, it's not always reliable. I see reviews all the time of people who got their clothes and they didn't fit or they didn't look like they expected/did in the picture and then depending on the site, they try to send it back and have to pay for return shipping and sometimes can't return it all. I don't ever buy clothes or

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