Hydraulic Fracking: A Literature Review

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In the article, “Hydraulic Fracking Threats to Species with Restricted Geographic Ranges in the EasternUnited States”, the authors describe the effects that fracking has on the environment, to include thespecialized plant life in the region surrounding the Marcellus Shale deposit. The Marcellus Shale Depositspans through the following states: New York; Pennsylvania; Virginia, West Virginia; and Kentucky. Theregion mentioned is the location of the Appalachian Mountains, and is home to many diverse andlocalized populations of flora and fauna. The study conducted was focused on the range, naturalhistory, habitat needs, and legal history. The study also utilized the 35% overlap as the determiningcriterion for the selected study. In this result there are 15 species that are inclusive to this geographicalrange. …show more content…

A few of the different types of species discussed arethe mammals, salamanders, fishes, and plant life. In addition the study discussed possible benefits thatthe fracking could have on a few different species. This will be very useful in the analysis since this is thebasis for the discussion, what is happening to the ecology and biodiversity if the area effected by thefracking operations. Included are facts and figures and prime examples of different plants and animalsand the potential effects of the fracking operation.2. In the article, “Fracking Fury” the author discusses the process of hydraulic fracking and how theprocess works. It discusses the pros and cons of the operation. Included in the cons are water concerns,which directly tie to the analysis paper. The paper also discusses the potential health effects to

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