Hydraulic Fracturing

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Hydraulic Fracturing: An Inconvenient Truth Carolyn Yanoti and Florian Muller I6068325, I6078618 December 5, 2013 Workshop Paper Assignment Final Version Professor Julia Quartz As America looks to find the best source of energy at hand domestically, the use of hydraulic fracturing proves to be the best response. Hydraulic fracturing is more commonly known as fracking, is the process where natural gas is extracted from shale rock areas deep within the earth. In the US, an estimated total of 1.44 quadrillion cubic feet of shale gas is accessible with this technology. In 2012, 32 states hosted natural gas drillers, with an extensive tendency. In the same year, 24 states considered 127 bills which were…show more content…
Understanding the different levels of risk interpretation by different actors builds support on why they may or may not support a technology. In the case of hydraulic fracturing, proponents argue fracking outcomes result in simplistic risks, which means they are manageable and can be easily calculated. In responding to potential opponents, the industry argues that risks can be managed through existing and rapidly improving technologies. A press release from the Marcellus Shale Coalition (2010) proposes what their argumentation looks like: “The members of the Marcellus Shale Coalition develop and drill wells in an environmentally responsible manner, including the use of hydraulic fracturing to complete a well for production. Hydraulic fracturing has been an established and proven practice for 60 years in Pennsylvania and around the country, and has been regulated successfully by state agencies. There have been no identified groundwater contamination incidents due to hydraulic fracturing.” In the additional measures to secure the extraction process, the strong pipe and the layers of cement, make hydraulic fracturing a very safe way to access the gas. Further security is guaranteed by the new, modern character of the technology. As a direct response to the risk of methane-contamination of the environment, proponents argue that groundwater contains
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