The Effects Of Fracking On The American Public

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No matter what the government does to promote hydraulic fracturing, it is still going to be extremely unappealing to those knowledgeable on the topic. As Lisa Bracken states, “Crap is crap no matter what package you put it in” (GasLand). Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is the process of drilling about a mile into the shale below. Once the shale has been reached, water, sand, and a mixture of over 500 chemicals are injected into the Earth. When the pressure of the Earth hits a certain point, a portion of the injected water flows back up to the surface and the well begins to produce the valuable resource known as natural gas (McElroy and Lu 27). Fracking currently occupies thirty-four states and is quickly expanding. The government is …show more content…

While the government states that fracking poses little threat to the environment, Wheeler is absolutely correct when stating that there is indeed a significant threat, as there is a copious amount of evidence that supports this. After viewing Fox’s documentary and reading various articles on fracking, there is no doubt that the quality of water and wildlife in the affected areas are at a serious risk. Wayne Smith, a farmer in Clearville, Pennsylvania, earned a large sum of money after leasing his 105-acre farm to a gas company for drilling, however, he now is regretting that decision. As a result of the drilling performed on his property, Smith realized that, “his livestock mysteriously dropped dead after having motor-skill breakdowns; a veterinarian said the deaths could be attributed to arsenic, high levels of which were found in water on Smith’s property” (Bateman 38). This threat to the wildlife has an overwhelming affect on those who rely on their livestock as their income. This lost income, as a result of fallen livestock, hits these families hard. Not only can they not drink their water, but they are also now faced with their families livelihood disappearing. Debbie May, a resident that Fox interviewed in his documentary, also experienced significant health problems with her animals. Fox describes the conditions of her cats by stating, “their hair was falling out” and

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