Hydrogen as an Option for Fuel

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With gas prices escalating and fossil fuels becoming limited, scientists have been researching an alternative fuel source that will be more abundant and cost efficient. Issues with our current fuel source include the pollution that is emitted in our air and water sources and the fact that fossil fuels are becoming scarce. One alternative to gasoline is the use of hydrogen as a fuel source. With hydrogen as a fuel source pollution will be in decline, it has become increasingly more abundant than fossil fuels through extracting hydrogen from various sources, and is domestically produced. There are many pros to using hydrogen as an alternative fuel source; namely, its abundance, its low pollution, and the fact that it is being researched and extracted domestically. Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements on earth and can be found in water, hydrocarbons and other organic matter. Because of hydrogen being so abundant scientists are able to extract it from a variety of sources, therefore, the problem with hydrogen as a fuel source is how to exactly make hydrogen an efficient fuel source. Currently hydrogen is extracted from natural gas, but this releases the greenhouse gas CO2 and uses up a limited resource. This does not relieve our current issues with using up fossil fuels, just displaces them. Recent research has suggested a means of how to resolve both of these problems. Zhang, a research scientist from Virginia Tech, and his team have altered an enzyme that can
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