I.. 1. Complementary And Alternative Medicine. 2. Trends

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1. Complementary and alternative medicine
2. Trends in using complementary and alternative medicine
3. Benefits of using complementary and alternative medicine
4. Usage of complementary and alternative medicines
5. Prevalence of complementary and alternative medicines
6. Attitude and behaviours towards use of complementary and alternative medicines


To complete any academic task, it is necessary to research the relevant information. I started conducting this task by searching for the relevant article. As my selected topic is “Complementary and Alternative Medicines”, I started to search for related articles by first entering the keywords. Full-text articles can easily be found in Databases and Libraries with several collections
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Source 1

There are three authors of the first selected article, Kathi J. Kemper, Sunita Vohra and Richard Walls. The qualification of Kathi Kemper is MD, MPH. She is a known paediatric and works in the Nationwide Children 's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The qualification of Dr Sunita Vohra is MD. She is a Centennial Professor and works in the Department of Paediatrics as the faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. She is also known as an excellent researcher in CAM. The qualification of Dr Richard Walls is MD, PhD. He worked as a chief of staff in the Rady Children Hospital. He is a known pioneer of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for children. He also served as National Task Force on CAM. The content of the article is according to the current research on the Complementary and Alternative Medicine and it contains academic material as current academic requirements. In the selected article terms related to CAM are clearly defined, description of the epidemiology is discussed, common types of CAM therapies and their benefits are highlighted. This article also reviewed the medical, legal and ethical implications. The authors of this article explained the content well, for example, it is discussed in the article that Paediatricians and physicians have the responsibility to update themselves with current knowledge as well as provide counselling regarding CAM therapies to the patients based on the evidence-based information. Thus, the article supports and promotes the
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