I Am A Boy, And I 'm A Dog

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Imagine you’re in a zoo. Behind the bars of your enclosure, looking to the outside world. You see yourself standing there. You see yourself with a body that matches who you are, and you’re able to walk effortlessly through life with out any doubt about who you are. And then you turn and look in the mirror, and you realize thats not you, it’s not who you are right now.

Thats what gender dysphoria is, and thats what being transgender feels like. It’s an immense weight, and unexplainable discomfort that gradually eats away at you. I don’t wake up one day and think “wow, wouldn’t it be great to be a guy?” This isn’t a choice. Lets get this right, I don’t “want to be a boy” and I’m not “changing into a dude”. I am a boy, and I always have
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If you haven’t experienced it, it can can be difficult to truly understand it.

However, despite the huge amounts of support i’ve received, it’s definitely not like this for everyone, and that’s where transgender rights come in.

700,000 people in the US alone identify as transgender, yet over 30 states have no anti-discrimination policy for trans people. Why is it that we are still able to be discriminated against after we’ve existed for so long? Contrary to some, being transgender isn’t the latest trend, it’s always been there, it’s just that now people are beginning to feel safer to come out. Despite this, I have friends that haven’t been accepted by their friends and families, and it needs to change. Can you imagine how it must feel to first of all be adopted, then be abused and kicked out of your home by your adoptive parents simply because they couldn’t accept you, and now be living in care? Can you imagine how it must feel to come out, and your parents refuse to call you by your correct name and pronouns just because they “miss their little girl” when in fact he was never your little girl. I pray that if you ever end up with a transgender child, you love and accept them and allow them to be themselves. Let me ask you this, would you rather have a suicidal daughter or a happy son? Of the many trans people who have been victims of
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