I Am A Dark Cloud

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Do you know someone who relives their past every day? Are they always sad, depressed and/or angry? Or maybe just stressed and rethinking their whole life situation? Maybe something or someone has completely drained them or brain washed them and they can’t continue their lives in a positive way. A person may have a psychological problem where they may never get over a certain situation that happened in their life. Every person around the world has a totally different life story. Often times many people may have the same story but they differ in certain ways. Past situations in my life have caused me to rethink my life and wonder why I am even here and why this has happened to me.
Three years ago I was under a dark cloud. My father and his …show more content…

Till this day he cannot move on from that situation and he relives the day they divorced every day. He is sad, depressed and overly stressed. This situation is why I chose the word carpe diem.
Carpe diem is a Latin aphorism, usually translated “seize the day.” It was taken from the Roman poet Horace 's Odes. This definition is a word I would like many people like my father to understand clearly and take part in. Move on with your life and continue on with the more positive things life has to offer. We should live in the now and not our past. This word also can be seen in a sense to be used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future. Not saying that it’s a problem to think about the future or to plan ahead, but we should also live now so we can enjoy what’s in front of us.
Another prime example of this definition is like a situation I’m going through right now in my relationship. A few months ago I was at a high school football game. My girlfriend’s friends approached me and asked where she was. While we were talking we joked around about her and how she acts at times. I slipped up and said, “Fuck her.” When I said it everyone was joking around and playing as always, so I didn’t think anything of it. Her friends went back and told her what I said word by word. She then came back to me to confirm what I said and she blew up in my face. She was very angry and disappointed in my actions around her

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