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  • History And History: The Past And The Past?

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    History. History can be defined in numerous ways, such as the past and the study concerning the past. Whilst both definitions sound the same, there is a clear distinction between the two. The main difference between them is that history expressed as the past refers to the entire series of events that took place before a given point in time, while history as the study of the past is the branch of knowledge that deals with past events. The past involves everything that has occurred since the beginning

  • The Past Essay

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    The Past Q- Think of a positive event from your childhood. What happened? In my childhood I was literally a child with a really bad attitude and nature. I didn’t care for anything and I was unaware what is happening around me. I never used to respect poor and needy people. Instead, I used to make fun of them. I used to waste my money and roaming around here and there for no reasons, I used to treat poor people like slaves and animals and I did not care what they think about me. I didn’t know anything

  • History and Understanding the Past

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    “THE HISTORIAN’S TASK IS TO UNDERSTAND THE PAST; THE HUMAN SCIENTIST, BY CONTRAST, IS LOOKING TO CHANGE THE FUTURE.” TO WHAT EXTENT IS THIS TRUE IN THESE AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE? The historian’s task of developing an understanding of the past involves the study of the human past as described in the written documents and objects left by human beings related to a particular point or period in time. However, there is always the problem of authenticity of evidence and the interpretation of events that may

  • Influence Of Past And Present

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    Influence of past and present. Definitely we all have our past and what we are living with is present. Past could be sweet or bitter whatever we have spent directly and indirectly influences our present. It is also said that our present is determined by our past. How we spent our childhood, environment we have grown up, education we took, family background, nature of the family members and occupations of our parents. All of those are the past variables connected with our present. That’s why our

  • The Past Is Our Definition

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    An American novelist Wendell Berry once said that “the past is our definition.” But does the past truly hold enough strength to impact one’s life? Is it merely a faded thought? Or does it provide an insight into one’s being? Quite often the past is simply referred to as a certain amount of elapsed time. However, it is more than just a quantifying term. The past is the memoir of one’s existence. It is the recollection of memories. The past is the keeper of our dreams, our struggles and our fears

  • The Importance Of The Past In The Dew Breaker

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    The past is so vital to the characters of Danticat’s novel The Dew Breaker because despite most of the trauma the characters have undergone in the past, they must keep living with it and tell their story. One piece of symbolism that is persistent between every chapter are the scars that every character has. Scars have been a central image of this novel both literally and metaphorically. Each character has their unique scars that they must carry with them. The story, in the end, talks about how the

  • My Personal Past Experience

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    I think of my own personal past experiences, I think of the most significant events and most likely think that those are the times that have shaped you as who you are today and who you are in the future. When my grandpa had passed away there were major effects that my family and I had faced. Difficulties like not being able to sleep at night and having lost someone who meant something special to everyone. When I think about the smaller challenges I have faced in the past and throughout my life, I

  • The Influence of Books on the Past and Present Literacy

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    The article describes the influence of religious books such as the bible on the past and present states of literacy. Past literacy based on religious books shows the origin of the biblical practices of exorcism and the culture of Protestantism in England. It describes the superstitions surrounding the early forms of education and the difficulty they bring as regards the understanding of religious books. The article shows that the understanding of the bible influenced the present state of literacy

  • Walter Benjamin and the past disassociating with present

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    variety of concepts with respect to time: past, present, and future. The concepts are highlighted in his vignettes: “Victory Column”, “The Telephone”, and “Butterfly Hunt”. Benjamin attempts to imbue his writing with a different structure of time from what was conventional. He perceives history as a section of moments, and each moment is an integral whole in its own right, making it equal to the present (Knights). Benjamin also notes that the ignoring of the past and the focus on the progression of the

  • The Present and Past Five Years of My Life

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    The Present and Past Five Years of my Life Throughout a young adult’s life there are many things that can drastically change in five year time period. In fact, I believed to be the age of twenty-three years old waiting to see what the world is about. Like many young adults planning for the future perhaps I can characterize my myself at twenty three irresponsible individual with any goals set for my future . As for my present age of twenty-seven, I feel like a mature butterfly sprung with wings