I Am A Kid I Essay

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When I was a kid I was always taught by my grandparent the importance of Thanking God for being healthy, and alive. But as a kid I was never told that anyone can become disable, this is something that I learned myself as I was growing up. “Some people are born with disabilities… Other people become disable after a lifetime- whether brief of long-of being more or less like everyone else. It may happen in a catastrophic moment, or it may take days, weeks, months, or years of illness to develop” (Vash & Crew, 2004). This information by Vash and Crew (2004), is something that is always on my mind. This information is written at the first pages of the book and had a tremendous impact for me because while I was reading the chapters and the different types of stories from different people with different type of disability I always try to put myself in their shoes; meaning I started to imagine how would I react if I was in their position. If I or a family member of mine had to go through the different types of obstacles they have to face in their daily lives. I was also very surprised how every person reacted different toward their disability.
There was a case in the book of someone who was in a wheelchair who was able to attend school and finish her bachelors and she also went for her master and everyone was surprised about it. Even though her family though that since she was in a wheelchair she was supposed to stay home forever she decided to follow her dream and pursue a career.
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