I Am A Man - Original Writing

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I lied awake and stared at my wall like it was the most interesting thing I 'd ever seen, studying every crack and chip in the paint that I hadn’t already committed to memory. It was 4 o 'clock, and I swear just a second ago it was midnight. I felt that same restless feeling that I 'd been feeling for the months after Jason died. I sat up in my bed and reached for the pack of cigarettes sitting on my nightstand. I stood up slowly and pulled on my jacket, starting to drag my way outside. I opened the back screen door and stepped outside. Sitting down on the back porch step, I slid the cigarette out of the pack and lit it. I took a drag, watching the smoke curl and twist as I exhaled. "There really isn 't any excuse for this," I thought to myself as I closed my eyes, inhaling once again. "It 's been a year, I really shouldn 't be acting like this." I tossed the butt on the ground and stomped out the last embers. I placed my head in my hands, and nearly sobbed, "Wow, I 'm pathetic, aren 't I?" It was then that I realized that I 'm nothing without him. Jason was the one that calmed my panic attacks, and my breakdowns, and my general paranoia. He would completely miss the root of my panic attack, but then console me without missing a beat. Now, some might call Jason a little dim, but he managed to figure me out and read me like a book. I’ve never noticed that he could do that with anyone else, and no one could do any of those things for me the way Jason could. Once he was gone,

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