I Am A Writer And A Reader

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It is my pleasure to have the chance taking your writing course this quarter. I have learned to become both a eligible writer and a reader in your class. Before I came in this course, I was scared to write since I am not a native speaker. I worried about my grammar when I write every sentence. Once I finished one paragraph for an essay, I would always go back to check subject-verb agreement error or verb tense error, which are most common error that used to appear in my writing pieces. To be honest, I really don’t have any passion on writing. All I used to do in an English class is to fulfill my duty. However, you sparked my interest in writing since the first time I attended your class. I still remember that you let us write down “Yes” or “No” to answer if we are good writers or not in our first class. I wrote down “No”, but in my heart I really want to change this answer after you pull out the slides. It writes, “The business behind the business: Time-management, Motivation, and self-belief.” Since then, I realized that self-belief must be an important thing that can encourage me to be a good writer. And now, I am ready to show you what I have really learned form your ten-week classes. ——————————————————————————————————————— From the first project, Orwell’s imitating piece, I have learned how to communicate with the audience efficiently. Orwell’s writing style is very simple and brief. His book has no rubbish, every word and every sentence make the context mean

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