I Am As A Teacher

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Final Project Reflection This whole class has been a journey that I have found myself in the midst of towards a greater discovery of who I am as a teacher and how best to improve as a future teacher. This final project, a class syllabus, has been no exception and indeed has been the culmination of a semester’s worth of reflection. I worked to create a syllabus that is not hypothetical, but an active and live project that I will use to guide student learning in the Spring semester. The process of developing this syllabus began with my initial write-up and peer critique. I was able to change several aspects of my approach and refine how I would develop my syllabus. After I made changes and implemented my peers critiques I spent my time initially with the resources that I wanted to use and worked to really get my mind around leadership and how I should approach an introductory course geared towards teaching this topic. I then worked to see how best to break out some of the key topics that came out of the resources which I identified. This helped me to develop targeted lessons that embodied the key elements of the research for an introductory course. A key part of my lesson development was the alignment of the lessons toward my philosophy of teaching. For example, I made the decision to arrange my lectures so that it began with leadership focused upon the individual student allowing them to reflect upon their own leadership and their conceptions of

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