I Am Awake - Original Writing

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One, I am awake.
Two, I don’t want to open my eyes.
Three, I need to see though.
Four, Open your eyes.
My eyes flutter open like wings to a dragonfly.
That one word is enough because it’s Terran’s voice. He is sitting up shyness, and embarrassment cloud his face.
“Hey,” I hold back against the wall so afraid of his fragility. I just want to run to him and hold him.
“I’m sorry for whatever I did incredibly sorry.”
“It’s okay,” I say.
“We try to be okay.” he says. I nod slowly moving to sit on the edge of the bed. “Are you afraid of me again?”
“No,” it’s such a tiny word.
“Did I say something awful? What happened?”
I don’t hesitate “You screamed for so long I thought your lungs would collapse. Then we talked and you didn’t know me.”
Hands run through his hair, “How could I forget you?” He’s upset and his words cut me open. I wish he knew what he did to me. Two, four tears roll across my cheekbones.
“Heather please don’t cry, it kills me. I’m begging you.” I’m shaking slightly trying to stop. He sighs saying, “Heather, I’ve never met anyone who could make me so upset and happy. I feel things for you crazy things that knot inside. I think maybe…”
“Please stop,” I say scrambling up to the wall the only solid thing in the room.
“Heather I think I’m…”
“Stop, stop, stop, stop.” I say it so many times my tongue stumbles over it. “Heather what’s wrong?”
“You don’t have feelings towards me.” My fingers grope for cracks in the wall to steady me. “You kept…

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