I Was The Idiot That Got Me Pregnant

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He started to explain the whole summer then before he got any further I finally figured it out he was the one. He was the idiot that got me pregnant. I was so furious that I ran away, I started to wonder why he came back, why he had to do this to me. I didn’t want to confront him again and I knew this time I should be the first to tell Chad so that I don’t ruin things between us again. We mostly hang out every day after school anyways, at first I was super nervous then I told myself everything would be okay. I dreaded it but that night I told him, I explained how I never meant for him to show up. He knows the baby is his obviously, he also knows that I plan on adoption so he always stops me in the hallways trying to talk to me. I really can’t face him so I always just turn around and walk away, is it bad that I really don’t care what his opinion is even though it is his. I get frustrated not knowing what to do about Sam being here, do I actually ask his opinion or just keep ignoring him. I figure I should probably just update him not ask for his opinion. I tell him how we are meeting with the first couple tonight, and all the other information I think he should know. As night hits we get ready to meet the couple that want to adopt my baby, and you will never believe guess who shows up not even knocking just barging right in. “I’m the baby’s father and I don’t approve of my baby getting adopted” he said loudly. “Can you stop” I yelled at him as I got up and brought him to

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