I Am From The Town Of The City Of Pittsburgh Park

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I am from the town of Bethel Park which is located just south of the city of Pittsburgh. My parents also grew up just south of Pittsburgh in the South Hills. My grandparents and great-grandparents were from the town of Donora where they were they were a big part of the community. I have an older sister who travels the world and lives in exotic countries. I also have a brother who is younger and still attends high school.
I attended school in the Bethel Park School District from kindergarten all the way through high school. I lettered in Hockey all four years of high school as well as lettering twice in Lacrosse. Also, I played baseball for 13 years both recreational and travel. In high school I took many honors and Ap classes as well as some business related courses such as marketing and accounting. My overall goal in high school was to pursue a degree at a 4 year school.
When making my college decision I applied to Pitt, Penn State, Ohio State and Miami. My first thought was getting away from home and going to a school that wasn’t in my hometown. Also, I was considering academics but each school was pretty much the same. I weighed these options as well as playing hockey in college as my main determining factors. I ultimately chose Ohio State after months of debating.
At Ohio State I was a Finance Major in the business school as well as minoring in Economics. During my time there, I missed home tremendously and came back on the weekends often. Along with this

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