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In Game Name: My in game name is SuperSkullYT. Where are you from ? (E.g US or EU & timezone): I am from the US. My timezone is PST. Since I have PST as my timezone, it is great to go on servers to help staff, as a lot of players are on when I am on (EST). Age: I am currently 12. I understand that 12 may make me seem immature, but I promise that I am very mature. I try my best to stand out in front of a lot of kids my age and be as mature as possible. (Male/Female): I am male. Do you have Slack/Teamspeak/Skype?: ( A working Mic are required) I have all 3 programs (Slack, TeamSpeak, and Skype). Also, I have a great working mic. Please provide Skype: I do have a Skype, but I will provide via PM if accepted. Have you been staff on any other server?: Yes, I have been on staff on other servers. Can you record?: I am able to record, but sometimes the frames aren 't the best. I will try my best to make the frames great for the video to be smooth. I currently use the full version of Bandicam. Past Experience: I have had a lot of past experience of staffing, both on the forums and in game. Some servers that I was staff on had very high amounts of players. Others, well, not so much. I still had fun staffing on it. At one point, I was staff on a server called YayMC. This was the biggest step in my staffing career. I got accepted on that server in February, and was very excited. This was my first time being accepted onto a big server with a nice player base. I started off

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