I Am Gandhi And Chris Eliopoulos

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I Am Gandhi by Brad Meltzer and Chris Eliopoulos is a biography children’s book about the life of a man named Mohandas Gandhi. Mohandas Gandhi was born in the western part of British-ruled India on October 2, 1869. A timid child, he was married at thirteen to a girl of the same age, Kasturbai. In South Africa, he became involved in efforts to end discrimination against the Indian minority there, who were oppressed both by the British and by the Boers, descendants of the original Dutch settlers of the region (“SparkNotes”, 2017). The genre of this book is biography and non-fiction and this book was illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos. As a young man in India, Gandhi saw firsthand how people were treated unfairly. Refusing to accept injustice,

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