I Am Much Older Now And Living From A Different Area

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I am much older now and living in a different area. I am no longer sick and the doctors could never determine what was causing my sickness. I went on with my life, even going outside every day. I did not get sick in school and I was so happy. Life was good. One day, my Grandmother called and told my Mother that Reverend Dave had started a church. My mother told her we should get back in church. I did not know the great man of God. However, my journey started in his church. My Aunt Stuart picked us up every Sunday. Mom did not have a car. We went there, and I loved it.
For the first time, I felt like I fitted in. We would eat there every Sunday and would be there all day. One day I was sitting and listening to the Pastor while the other kids were playing around. All of a sudden I felt funny. I felt like I wanted to scream and tears rolled down my face. The other kids were asking me what was wrong, but I did not know. They got my mother’s attention, and she told them to just leave me alone and keep quiet. They kept on watching me. I tuned the pastor out and started back talking to the kids. The feeling I had gone away later that day. The next Sunday, I felt the same way, and the tears rolled once again. Now, I am so afraid of the Pastor and I do not understand why. I looked at him differently now. It is something he is doing; I asked myself, so I stopped talking to him. I went the other way whenever I saw him coming my way. I did not understand this at all. The only thing I

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