I Am Not Dead At The Bottom Of The Ocean

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Im sure that you are astounded that I am sending you this letter and that I am not lying dead at the the bottom of the ocean. I will explain what happened Starting with me falling off of the boat to me sending you this letter. I sat on the side of the boat smoking my pipe and relaxing. THen i heard the unmistakable sound of three gunshots from off in the darkness. I approached the railing and tried to see into the inky blackness but i could not. So, i tried further by standing on the edge of the railing and leaning over to try and see a clue about these gunshots. That is when my pipe slipped from my lips, when i lunged to grab it i found myself flipping over the railing and into the water. I was treading in the water as the yacht continued moving, I tried yelling but no one on the yacht could hear me over the roaring engine. After the yacht was far into the horizon i realized that i must find land or else i would drown. So, I started swimming hard towards the place where the gunshots came from. As i swam i heard two more gunshots, the first one followed by an unidentifiable screech. The gunshots sounded as if they were emitted from a pistol. I continued my swim for ten more minutes until i came upon an island and as soon as i came ashore i fell asleep on the beach at the end of the rainforest. When i woke up in the late afternoon walked along a beach until i came across evidence that a large animal had been killed here with a 22 caliber pistol. I followed some bootprints

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