I Am Part Of 12 Acts Performance

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Last week I was asked to be part of 12 acts performance to express myself on the theme of treasure. I was not sure what to talk about since I am not a creative person and I am a financial analyst. However my desire is to be a creative women, so I said "Yes".Over the weekend I was visiting my girlfriend in Brooklyn and I picked up from the sidewalk box two free treasures. One book was "Happiness Project" and the other was Belize tourist guide. Later in the evening I started to read "Happiness Project". I went on line to read a blog created by Gretchen Rubin. I could not stop reading it. She inspired me to create my 12 commencements to live my life by. After creating my 12 commencements I knew that I want this to be my Treasure performance. My 12 personal commandments Being Agnieszka. This means that I accept and approve my weaknesses and my strengths. English is my second language, is means that I had to learn to speak and write here, hence I am not a perfect writer. Every time I will make a mistake or my boss will say that I should work on my business writing skills it will hurt my ego. Accepting that weakness and acknowledging that I am doing the best I can allows me to say to myself when I catch myself at biting myself " You are so adorable you did it again". Then I can feel in my body compassion and love for the work I am doing and not bit myself up, as I did before. Be in my body fully present. First I had to learn how to speak in English and next commencement
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