I Am Planning On Buying The Xulu Panelbeaters

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Pastor... I 'm planning on buying the Xulu panelbeaters. I want my Valentine. I want to be with her. Nzuzo... is this true? Um... Yes, we love each other. - What do you mean you love each other? - Melusi, I didn 't plan any of this. Ever since I came back you call me Melusi and not Baba, because you love him! - We didn 't know you 'd come back. - I 'm not talking to you! Look, we didn 't do this on purpose. We spent a lot of time together after the case... I 'm talking to my wife! After the case? Zulu, you 've been making a fool of me. I took you in, and you made a move on my wife in my house! It wasn 't like that! You took advantage of my confusion when I came to you asking for help! You forced me to help …show more content…

I 'm sorry. We 're still searching. I 'll let you know if there 's any news. - Please do, Sergeant. Thank you. - It 's my pleasure. - Why this now? - Goodbye. Why does this always happen to me? Why? It 'll be okay. They 'll find your mother. Dad, tell me! I 've just broken up a fight. Ma can 't even look me in the eye. What happened? - This has nothing to do with you. - It does, Dad! Go to bed. We 'll talk in the morning. I 'll leave you, then. It must be really bad... if you slept here. Mxolisi, we 'll talk... 
 but not now. I see what 's going on here. If you do, then why are you asking? So this is about Ma and Mageba, your friend? Your mother and I... have a lot to talk about. I need to think very carefully about my next move. I 'm leaving. Ma? My dear, is this what you really want? There 's no other way. I 'm sorry, Melusi. What? And now? So you 're getting a divorce? Mxolisi, this doesn 't change anything between you and me. Dad? No! Ma, what does this mean? Are you really getting a divorce? We 've just been reunited. Come on! I 'll find a place to stay. You stay here with Mxolisi. I 've disappointed you many times. Let me do this for my family. Melusi, we 've tried everything. I 'm sorry. I have to leave. I 'm the one who chose this. I 'm the one who 's going to leave. - Ma? - Son, I love you. And that 'll never change. Dad? Ma? Please wait, Ma. Hey, nana. I heard you fiddling

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