I Am Praying For You

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I’m Praying for You My cell phone sings me a familiar tune every weekday morning. “Ugh, ok, ok, I’m up.” Carefully pulling the blanket off, Aiden, my chubby cheeked, doe eyed infant, greets me tugging on my hair. Looking over at him I whisper, “Let’s go wake up sissy.” He smiles back, flaunting his two new bottom teeth. Just another Friday morning for me, but for my kids, it’s the day of their long anticipated playdate. I dash to the kitchen, get breakfast ready, manage to change a diaper and get out the door by 8:30am. My jubilant 5-year-old, Aundrea, skips ahead of me, in her favorite purple tutu and pink knee-high socks. I nervously command her: “Dre! Stay close, please.” “Ok, mommy.” She smiles at me and leisurely starts walking…show more content…
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Atheist as: “a person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods.” (Merriam-Webster) When this subject comes up, my parenting skills are the frequent subject of examination. People tend to thrust aside, how well behaved, empathetic and benevolent my children and myself are. The difference between what I teach my children, as far as morals, is uncomplicated. I omit any form of deity. As a child, I was inquisitive. Every time my dear mother beckoned, I answered with a question. My mother’s responses rarely satisfied my eager intellect. She habitually resolved with “because the bible tells you so….” So, when our television was flooded with starved, crying children, I asked her: “Mommy, why are those kids so skinny and crying? Is God going to send them food?” “If it is god’s will, he has a plan for them…” before she could finish my brassy mouth spilled out: “Mommy, are you sure god really exists?” Her hand walloped across my 9-year-old jowl. This only sparked my curiosity even more. I was coached into believing that I was being watched every hour of every day, by a god. This was my parent’s way of cultivating my moral compass. My parents inadvertently taught me, their religion was the only reason they weren’t schmucks, there was no genuine moral in them only the fear of this deity; Instead of trying to ingrain, the importance of being philanthropic without any form of retaliation.

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