I Am Thin, Video And The Two Studies On Anorexia Nervosa

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After reviewing the “Dying to be Thin” (2000) video and the two studies on anorexia nervosa (AN) and bulimia nervosa (BN) my view of these two disorders has been expanded and somewhat altered. The “Dying to Be Thin” video looked at the history, triggers, medical complications and treatments. It documents the struggles of models, dancers and teenagers with the disease. The two studies on AN and BN asked patients in a therapeutic setting to write letters to their disorders from the friend and foe perspective. The results were interesting and merit further studies. The “Dying to be Thin” video increased my knowledge of the historical and scientific aspects of these eating disorders. It followed the common theme of how our culture contributes to the increasing number of girls and woman affected by AN and BN. As an athlete I could relate to the struggles of the ballet dancers to conform to the weight requirements of the profession. I was told to lose weight by my tennis coaches at every stage of my professional development. My sister who is also a tennis professional struggled with anorexia. I was particularity interested in the scientific research revealed in the “Dying to be Thin” video. It reinforced my belief that further studies of the brain will reveal previously unknown aspects of eating disorders and could lead to a cure. Scientist have found that elevated levels of serotonin are a marker for eating disorders. Increased serotonin levels reduces appetite. People with

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