I Am a Healthcare Professional

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Personal Statement
“I am a healthcare professional”, my thoughts are never taken off this career dream. I dream dreams about it and wake up each time feeling it is only a question of time, hard work and commitment before my dreams come through. I think of healthcare because my experiences growing up permanently placed it in my thought; the empathy and compassion I possess unsettles me; and the burden that one carries knowing friends and loves ones who suffer due to lack of adequate healthcare delivery are a frequent reminder of how important changes can be achieved through education. Promoting healthcare for people in rural communities was my first desire, in many ways it also reflects my second and third career choices which are nursing and communication; between these two, several themes have emerged in my life that I believe make me well suited for a career in health information technology.
I was born and raised in a rural community in Enugu state, in South Eastern Nigeria and I have come to appreciate the power of changing my world by taking the most positive approach and that is: “whatever I do, learning must precede”. So, I choose not to paint a picture of pain because I hardly expect the tale of pain and suffering due to poor healthcare in many communities around the world to make the headline news in this time of medical breakthroughs. Rather, I choose to find a place for me in a world where many determined young ladies from my humble background have learned to equip

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