I Believe In Art : The Power Of Art

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I believe in art. The power of art, in any form, is something that has always had a profound impact on me. Ever since I could hold a pencil, art has shaped who I am. Ever since I could comprehend different sounds, music has shaped who I am. Ever since I could read, literature has shaped who I am. Art, in all forms, whether it be fine art, music, or literature, has astonishing influence. Whether it be the power of emotion or inspiration or motivation, art has power.
From a young age, I was not only introduced to the various expressions of art but was encouraged to explore it and delve deeper than just class work. While most children were urged to do the same, not many followed through. Me… I would draw any chance that I could. I would draw what I saw, making as much of an effort as I could to accurately depict what light my pupils took in. Although my skills at the time were mediocre at best, it was at this point in my life where I realized something. As I gripped my pencil strong and firm, I felt a spark. A sort of revelation, to be more specific. This pencil I held so desperately, as though it would disappear otherwise, had the power to create and destroy. I had the power to create and destroy. Although I didn’t quite realize exactly what that meant at the time, nor do I fully at this current moment, I knew there was a remarkable power within me, within all of us, that was just waiting to be unleashed upon this world. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If a

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