I Believe Poverty Is Caused By The Division Of Social Class.

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I believe poverty is caused by the division of social class. It’s as though we put a wall between the rich and the poor, instead of treating people as humans. I feel poverty is being studied as an object. Take a look at how the U.S. government draws a poverty line. They base it off a “food budget” calculation to determine if someone is poor or not. There are so many other things that are to consider, someone with physical or mental health problems that go untreated. The expense of doctors and medications is impossible to manage without insurance. That in return leaves many unable to start school, complete school or hold a jobs. Therefore many are rejected by families and people become alone, homeless, nowhere to go. About half of the…show more content…
For the last thirteen years I have been able to prove for myself and my children without any struggles. I was always taught to tithe and give to those who were without. As far as the simulation, I had no problems adjusting to the smaller budget, I am a pretty frugal person. What affected me the most was the the decisions I made financially would impact my children. I am very big about rewarding my kids for good behavior or good grades. I would never think that I would have to tell my child they couldn’t go on a school field trip unless they used their own piggy bank money. The fact that I accepted the offer of a friend of a friend to sleep on the couch is completely out of the norm for me. That again would completely affect my children in a negative way. I am very schedule oriented, my boys have bathtime, dinnertime, and bedtime. No way could I have really have some loud “friend” sleep on my couch. For the simulation I felt like failed as a parent, I robbed my kids piggy bank so be could go on a field trip and had some loud obnoxious “so called friend” camp out on my couch just to make ends meet. As a parent, in a time of need you will do whatever it takes to provide. In the stimulation my children never went without and I made it to the end with money leftover. I have really liked the simulation experience. I actually made this a family activity with my eleven year old son.I have started teaching my son at a very young age the difference between
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