I Didn 't Go College Straight Out Of High School

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I didn’t go to college straight out of High School. It wasn’t on my agenda. After High School I took a year off and did nothing except make a little money babysitting, sleeping in, and there were about two months where I took up jogging. The following summer I felt this pang in my stomach when I saw pictures online of people getting ready to go back to college. So far in my life I hadn’t liked school, but there was this part in my head that said I only didn’t like it because I couldn’t choose what I wanted to do. Until now I had avoided the idea of going to college except now online school was a thing. That lasted a year. First, I couldn’t afford it. Second, I figured out the career path that I had wanted to take my whole life sucked and I hated doing it. Logically I should just be able to move on. My brain is full of interminable thoughts of things I’m missing out on by not going to a traditional college. For instance; no dorm, no college parties, no all night study sessions, connections, no opportunities through alumni recognition, and no alma mater which gives me class issues. Even if those things don’t sound appealing to me. I hate sharing my room with anyone I’m ten years younger than my older sibling, I don’t go to parties, fuck staying up all night to do math, and I’m sure there is a way to get connections without getting myself into 80k debt that I will never be able to pay back. Fuck anyone who thinks I’m less than them because I didn’t graduate from a traditional

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