I Didn 't Much Of A Man For Gunplay

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I ain 't much of a man for gunplay. I had me enough of that during the war. After, I got my leg shot off at Gettysburg and they sawed it off at the knee, I just had about enough of fighting. They gave me a little mustering out pay, I got me a peg leg, which I attached to my upper leg with a leather strap and I was ready to begin a new life.

A few days on a stinky old train that rattled and rolled like it was about to just plumb lay down and die, all the good trains were being used by the military, and then a couple days of eating dust aboard a stagecoach that bounced up and down and just made my leg hurt something fierce and I wound up in a dusty bump in the road,a town called Rock Springs.

I didn 't have nothing but one bag carrying a few change of clothes and a desire to find me a hotel with a bath so I could wash the dust off me. I suspected that when I shook all that dust of me, there would be enough to start a small country.

I had no problem finding a hotel, as there was only one in town, a two story, pine board affair, with boards already warping- from the heat and the pitch bubbling up from the boardwalk in front.
The bottom half of the hotel was nothing but a saloon, if you could call a rough wooden bar, a few scarred tables and sawdust on the floor, much of a drinking establishment.

I got me a room by paying the bartender, who was also the hotel clerk ,five dollars for a room for a week, figuring I would hang around, just checking out the town.

As you can…

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