I Don 't Be A Baby Forever

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"He 's down," JJ announced exhaustedly as she closed the door. "How was he?" Will asked, turning his bedside lamp on. Jennifer shrugged as she kicked her slippers under the bed. Her and Will 's two week old son, Alex, had been quite fussy all evening, and JJ was determined to get him to sleep through the night for the first time. "Hungry," she said softly, adjusting her shirt. "Very hungry." "You gotta treasure this stuff, Cher," Will told her. "He won 't be a baby forever." JJ sighed. "I know," she said, pushing her pillows up against her headboard. She smiled as she turned to him after settling herself back in the bed. "Are we crazy?" Will gave a laugh as he shook his head. "Nah, JJ, what makes you think that?" "I don 't know,"…show more content…
She knew she should 've told him back when she came back from Afghanistan, but she could never quite work up the courage. Besides, she never wanted him to hurt when he didn 't need to be hurt. She could never find the right time to bring it up. "What 's that?" He asked, watching as his wife pulled the small envelope out of the drawer. JJ opened it, revealing a black and white photo— a sonogram. "JJ..." "Yes," the woman said softy, running her finger along the edge of the photo. "I 'm sorry for not telling you." Will shook his head as he gently took the photo from JJ. "You miscarried? JJ...I—" "It 's okay," JJ said. "Really...I 'm better now. I have you, Henry, and Alex. I 'm happy." Will sighed. "You didn 't have to go through that alone, I could 've been there for you, Cher." "I know," JJ half mumbled, watching the man beside her examine the sonogram. "How far along were you?" JJ looked down. "Three months. I figured I got pregnant in December when I came back for Christmas." "That doesn 't make sense, Jen, you were on the pill." "No, I wasn 't," JJ corrected. "I was having problems...and..I guess I forgot to take it." Will frowned as he looked at the photo of what would have been their second child. "Did the BAU have anything to do with this?" "What do you mean?" "Anything you did with the BAU...JJ, did it make you miscarry?" JJ shook her head. "N-no. My humvee exploded...they said the impact must 've" "You
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