I Don 't Blame You At All

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He offered up his brother a soft smile, pulling Amaimon with him as he stood slowly, turning them in a slow circle as if they were dancing. He spun them around and around, trying to cheer his youngest sibling up. The hand that had been placed on the earth king 's chest slip to his cheek and he pressed their foreheads together."...I know..I know. I feel the same. Seeing you again is something I 've dreamed about since the moment father made me leave. I 'm so happy we 're together," he assured, nuzzling Amaimon 's cheek like he used to before he had left "...the words might not be there, but the feelings are," he hummed lowly, carefully lifting Amaimon into the air and spinning just a touch faster, grinning widely before he pulled the younger back closer to his body, where it was warm and safe."It 's okay, Otouto. I don 't blame you at all," Samael attempted to reassure, his hand cupping his brother 's cheek, his thump stroking the soft, pale skin. To his dismay however Amaimon continued to narrate himself, not as bad as before, but still murmured in doubtful whispers that twisted his gut terribly "No buts, Otouto, Like I said I don 't blame you for anything, I wouldn 't even blame you if you hated me because of what father told you," he said again, this time his voice somehow more stern than before even if his voice was soft, trying to convey the depth of his emotions and the assurance that he saw no fault in Amaimon 's actions. He sighed, not liking being assertive with his

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