I DonT Want To Go To School

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“I don’t see the reason of going to school, though” I said as I was looking at the sun starting to wake up as well. My eyes were slowly focusing on my mom as she had told me to wake up repeatedly. As soon as she saw me open up my eyes she started to walk out of the room so that she can rest for a while. As she was doing that I knocked out without realizing it and next thing I know, there she is, shouting at me as if I was miles away saying the sentence I detested the most, “Wake up! You’re going to be late for school!” I tried one last time and said “But I don’t want to go.” She gave me the look of a thousand hells and she sighed. She walked away and I got excited that I had won this battle or so I thought. My brothers left to school and I was there in eternal slumber until the familiar voice of my mother comes and awakens me. She woke me up and said “Alright since you don’t want to go to school go with your dad to go to work and help him out”. In my young, irresponsible my mind I thought ‘How hard can it be’ and I accepted. I got ready and she prepared anything I needed to use to be with him. I started watching television enjoying the time I had to relax while my dad was waking up and getting ready for work. My dad told me that we were ready to leave and as I passed by the mirror and saw the last glance of a short, young guy in middle school that thought he didn’t have any responsibilities. “So you think that school is the hardest thing in life?” My dad broke the

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