Remember Most Survival Situations Are: Stay Alive Until Help Arriving

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Remember Most Survival Situations Are: Stay Alive Until Help Arrives Staying alive until help arrives or stay alive long enough so you can extract yourself from whatever situation in which you find yourself. Self-rescue in other words. The point is, there is an end game, and it usually involves others, and as much as you would like to think otherwise, you do need others, you will need help when you get lost or stranded. If you are experienced in bushcraft, then you probably would never be in a wilderness survival situation as most people understand it to be. Of course, you can become lost, but no big deal right, you don't need anyone or anything, but you are in the minority. Most people would need to be rescued or they just happen to live long enough to walk out themselves, and this usually means they …show more content…

You stay put and make your shelter before dark. Coming to the party prepared is important. Rescue teams will find your point of entry and work from there, but if you start to aimlessly wander to and fro, their job becomes harder, and your chance of survival lessens. If you can make a shelter and build a fire, and have some water, you will survive. Even if you don't have much if any water with you, it can be found in many cases or it may rain, or you may find a small pond, lake, or running stream. You do have to prepare for the environment in which you find yourself. If you set out to drive across the desert then you had better carry as much water as possible in your car. If you set out to drive across frozen tundra, for example, then you had better have the warmest clothes possible. Prepare based on your environment, and for those that say they may not know what geographical area they may be traveling in have not done their homework, and they had better stay home for their own safety and for the safety of those that may come

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