I Had Got An On Teenager Professional Volleyball Career

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I am 15.I live with my mom in Texas and dad in Virginia.I practice volleyball in the morning and at night until 6:30. A week later I had gotten a text that said,
“Hey girl it’s me Rebecca just wanted to tell you that Lola is having her 16th birthday party , she had even said that there is no chaperon.So text me back if you 're going, if not call me and tell me why please, love you.”
Rebecca is my friend. I called Rebekah and said ,”Yea Sure!!!
I had forgotten I had volleyball practice Mondays through Wednesdays. I had gotten an email last night just right after rebeca text . I didn’t feel like reading it so I ignored it . So I read it the next morning and it said; “Don’t go to parties unless it’s family wise.You can’t …show more content…

I talked like a chimpanzee, didn’t understand. I wasn’t used to being drunk ,this was my first time. “What are you doing!” I drastically barked at Rebecca “Getting you pumped up” she proudly screamed in a deep voice. The music is very loud , my head hurts, I feel sick,I thought. My boyfriend came up to me.
“Hey baby. What’s going on?” Xavier questionally yelled happy.
“Nothing” I mumbled numbly.
“OK well you wanna go upstairs?”
“I-I-I-I-I-I…..I guess.” I stutteringly spoke. My boyfriend ,Xavier, through me on the bed. I wasn’t expecting any of this. Suddenly I had blacked out. My friend Rebecca took me home after her drunkenness went away. Then the next day I drove to practice all confused, drowsy and sick. I could taste my throw-up in my mouth getting ready to burst out my mouth.
“Where you’ve been” coach Renee said sarcastically.
“”I was-”
“At a party” coach interrupted me.
“Mm-hmm” I mm-hmm sarcastically.
“Well since you went to a party instead of practice run 10 laps instead of 2.” She sounded proud when she said that. I thought. After I ran 10 laps I had thrown up.
Am I Pregnant? I thought .Coach drove to CVS to get pregnancy tests.
I went to the bathroom,tested, and yelled questioningly,
”Um, coach I am pregnant!”
“Oh lord,Jesus help!!”Coach cried softly. I

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