I Have Changed My Career Path Essay

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Already in the three years I have been attending Loyola, I have changed my career path so many times. I enrolled as a Biology major in the pre-medicine program, switched to an International Studies major sophomore year, and then again changed my major to Psychology. As I had planned on going to medical school since freshman year of high school, I felt very lost when I finally decided to study Psychology, since there is so much variability in the field. Even as a senior, I have some ideas about possible career paths, but am still not sure exactly what I would like to do in the realm of Psychology. Thankfully, I have learned a lot about my interests through the internship I currently have. I was able to use exercise 11.1 in Kiser’s chapter 11 to reflect more upon what I have learned, and what is next for me.
Through this internship, I have learned more about myself and what I enjoy doing. For example, I learned that I actually enjoy participating in different aspects of research such as scoring data analyzing how the data applies to clinical settings and real world matters. This came as a slight surprise to me, as I thought I would get bored with my tasks early on and regret choosing the internship site that I did. However, I could see myself writing up grants and conducting research for an organization as a possible future career path. I have even decided to extend my internship by continuing to volunteer throughout next semester as well. Another surprise came in the form of

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