I Have Learned About Careers

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Jillian Mulrooney
POL Semester 1 Essay
Sophomore Advisory
13 December 2015
Mr. Verduga

In my experiences at LVCP I have learned about careers that I may be interested in pursuing. By taking different classes, doing projects, and speaking to my peers I learned about careers I am interested in. Some of my interests as a student include writing, music, public work, history, and helping others for the ‘greater good’. This year I have given a lot more thought to, “after high school” and the careers I would like to study in college. I find this year I am more socially comfortable in school as a sophomore. I have found a great group of friends who push me everyday to be a great student. Last year I learned how to manage the workload of several projects, and assignments. I am still organized, but this year academically is more challenging than any year before.

Be Prepared for College
In order to be prepared for college I believe that it means you are ready to enter a four year college, as well as know what a college education can offer to your future. At LVCP they set the requirements high enough that you can enter a college at the time of graduation. Maintaining a GPA is something that I am doing. My GPA has not been lower than a 3.75 at any given time through high school. Another thing is there are so many different courses to take so you can learn as an individual what you are interested in and what you are interested in. As a sophomore I have learned what classes…
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