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Novel Summary Part 1: Yes, My Lord – No, My Lord ________________________________________ Chapter 1 • The intentions and motives of the Bishop regarding Mark are uncovered – we find out that the reason why he sends Mark to Kingcome is because Mark only has three years to live as he is slowly dying from disease. But the Bishop only answered gently that it was where he would wish to go if he were young again, and in the ordinand’s place. P. 3 • Mark meets Jim – at first Jim is shy and only talks to Mark when he is talked to. • Mark remembers the background information on the area that the Bishop told him. The Indian name of the village is Quee which means “inside place”... Whoop Szo, the Noisy Mountain...Now Kingcome is known as a …show more content…

This makes her family (including Mrs Hudson) very upset • Keetah remains positive and reassuring for her family • Gordon shows Mark his family’s dance mask & briefly describes all of the tradition surrounding it • Gordon also explains to Mark that there once was a rich merchant who asked to buy the mask for US$3000 Chapter 9 • Keetah’s sister’s husband gets members of the clan drunk and buys the precious mask for US$50 • Keetah and her family are forced to leave the clan to escape the shame • Jim states that Keetah will be his wife • Mark is blamed for the husband’s actions because he is seen as a representative for white behaviour: What have you done to us? P. 59 Mrs Hudson to Mark Chapter 10 • Mark visits the constable at Alert Bay and tries to have Ellie removed from her abusive father – he is told that it is difficult to remove them without the families permission • Jim visits Keetah in her exile and tells her that he intends to marry her one day • Mark asks the RCMP officer to search for Keetah’s sister • The RCMP officer visits Mark and informs him of Keetah’s sister death. She was never married, her fiancé rejected her and left her penniless in Vancouver, she was lost in an unknown world, she went to a beer parlour, became a prostitute, felt ashamed to come home to her tribe and village, and so turned to dope and

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