I Jump Into My Car And Drive

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4:30 AM. I jump into my car and drive to Vital EMS in Worcester for a fourteen-hour shift as an EMT. Upon entering the ambulance, my partner and I are quickly dispatched to the residence of a 50-year-old male for an unknown medical complaint. As we rush to the scene with lights and sirens, my partner and I know that we must remain calm and immediately begin to allocate tasks. Upon arrival, I rush out of the ambulance and seize the first in bag, an oxygen tank, and the defibrillator. We head into the residence and encounter the patient who complains of chest pain and presented with inadequate oxygen saturation. I immediately realize that he may be suffering from a heart tribulation and is not breathing adequately and reposition his head …show more content…

I noted that he seemed very tired and barely acknowledged my presence as I walked into the room and spoke to him. As I smiled at him and related that everyone will take great care of him, he simply nodded his head and refused to make eye contact with me. As we placed George onto our stretcher and loaded him into the ambulance and made our way to the dialysis clinic, I had the opportunity to learn more about him. He confided in me that this was the first time that he had been outside in a couple of weeks and he was estranged from his family because his children lived in another state and he did not have the opportunity to interact with other people very often. As we spoke about local sports and in particular the Boston Celtics, I began to connect with him and had a wonderful experience talking with him. While waiting with him for his dialysis appointment, we continued to have a conversation and I remember to this day that his face was lit up with a giant and beaming smile. He was ecstatic and had completely shifted his initial isolated and ambivalent attitude. I was truly amazed at how such a minor action, such as taking the time to listen to what he had to say, resulted in such an immense positive change. As I sat in the back of the ambulance with George as we drove back to the nursing home after his dialysis appointment, he immediately shut down again and simply nodded his head and slowly stopped making conversation with me. I

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