I Like Iggy Analysis

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Here's what I said "Yet you don't like Tally." I never said you hated her, I said exactly what you said in your other post so don't add what wasn't said by either of us. ...No, shit there's so many people saying "She looks like Iggy, she looks like Iggy." That shit is old period. if she weren't white skinned or if she didn't have blonde hair none of you could even say that shit. Also, I mentioned the skin toned because that's one of the things she has in common with Iggy as well as wanting to be a rapper. She honestly doesn't sound like her in my opinion. Iggy's voice is deeper with a much better sounding voice. Tally's tone is higher. The only similarity is that thing Tally does with her voice..that sound at the end of her words. I don't

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