I Pursue My Student Degree (IBMYP) Program

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I was born and raised in Henrico County, Virginia nearly all my life. I went to high school there at John Randolph Tucker in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program, for my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. My mother was divorced until the summer of 2017 when she met a man – my stepfather – from Houston, TX, and they got married in Virginia in June. Then, it was decided that we would move to Houston where my family and I currently reside.
In terms of my classwork, I took the IBMYP Program for my freshman and sophomore year and the IBDP Program for my junior and would have taken it for my senior year. When my new school – Mayde Creek HS – translated my grades and classes, some of my honors weighted IBMYP classes did not

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