I Signed Up For World Religions Class

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I signed up for World Religions class for a few reasons to fulfil graduation requirements, it was something new, and learn new perspective. Originally I signed up for this class due to it counting for two Minnesota transfer circular goals credit for human diversity goal seven and global perspective goal eight. I also sign up for World Religions class because it was something completely new to me. I went to a private Lutheran school preschool through eighth grade. Than to a high school that was heavily influenced by the neighboring churches. The biggest religious differences I had encounter before college was how Catholic and Lutherans different in teachings about Mary the mother of Jesus, sacraments of alter/communion, and our annul softball tournament. Consequently, I knew taking this class would be a challenge due to so many new concepts. My expectations for the end of the class were by the end to have a new perspective, better understanding, and be able to identify key concepts of world religion
The most important things I am taking away from this class is the key difference of Eastern and Western religions. Eastern religions include Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism that mostly focus on right action know as orthopraxy. While Western religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam believe in right belief orthodoxy. Western religions tend to use creeds example being in Christianity the Apostles creed. Creeds are statements of fundamental beliefs in a religion.

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