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The short story takes place during WWI and deals with a twelve-year-old boy, Charlie Stowe, who wants to smoke a cigarette in the middle of the night. His father owns a tobacco shop which is placed underneath their house and from this shop he gets the cigarette. By doing so he does not only defy his parents he is also in fact stealing. This obviously makes him feel uncomfortable and throughout the story he is bouncing between being afraid and being brave. Moreover the short story is about the relationship, between Charlie Stowe and his parents, which on the one hand is very good as to his mother, however; on the other hand he barely has a relationship with his father. Theme In “I Spy” several themes can be discovered. However,…show more content…
Throughout the short story there are definitely many places that show the contraries: fear and security. For instance at page 535, lines 20 – 24 he is constantly shifting between these feelings. Into the bargain we started talking about the title of the short story during the class discussion. The title is “I Spy” and therefore the main question was who the “I” was. In relation to this we started analysing from which point of view the story is written. It is, of course, third[jk9] person narrative but yet it says “I Spy”. That it is “I” and not for instance “he” does not point to anyone directly. In spite of this, though, we came up with several suggestions of who this “I” could be. Firstly we proposed that it could be the reader because a reader is, so to speak, spying on the people in the text. However, several things point in the direction of the author being the “I”. Definitely the fact that “I Spy” is actually a name of a children’s game and additionally the fact that we see everything through the eyes of Charlie could be a sign that this refers to the boy. But we ended up agreeing that it could not be the boy writing at this early age, so therefore we talked about the narrator being the boy and telling the story when he is an adult. Historical context In the short story we see words like “the Zeppelins” and the English word for Germans, namely “Huns” which was used during WWI. Also someone in class mentioned that the

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