I Want To Become A Teacher

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I want to become a teacher because I would love to give back to the village who helped raise me, be a mentor to my students, help students to learn and truly understand Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics also known as STEM and the careers associated with it. People in my community have helped me get to where I am today. With my mom being a single parent to two kids and maintaining a full time job was not easy, she relied on extended family when needed. For example, when I was in Kindergarten my Grandfather would always talk to me about money management. The basics of budgeting of how a person can have fifty dollars to spend, but they want to purchases six items for ten dollars each. I was able to do this by adding ten dollars, six times then subtracting this by fifty dollars to see that there was ten dollars left. He did not like my method of reasoning so he taught me how to multiply six times ten dollars and to subtract fifty dollars from this answer. I remember asking him what is multiplication, and within two weeks I not only knew how to multiply, when to multiply, but I learned my multiplication facts one through twelve. Multiplication is very hard for most second graders, let alone a kindergarteners. One lesson I learned from that day forward it does not matter how young a person is or the time frame they have to learn it in they can do it. I have applied this same rule time and time again for the past fifteen years. Without this lesson, I am

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