I Was A Spoiled Brat Growing Up. I Am Not Saying That To

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I was a spoiled brat growing up. I am not saying that to brag. I am simply stating fact. My mother and my grandparents (when they were alive) spoiled my brother and me every chance they got. Even when money was tight, my mother managed to give me everything I wanted. If I wanted something, I got it. If I wanted to do something, I did it. My mom rarely ever said “no” to me. I know that being spoiled contributed greatly to my success as a student. I was given a variety of opportunities a lot of children from the area I grew up in did not have. My mother wanted to make sure I had the best when I was growing. The opportunities I was given and the experiences I was able to gain heavily influenced my performance inside and outside of school and, …show more content…

I was placed in the Advanced Learners program in third grade. I was an avid reader as well. My experiences and opportunities from Morehead and outside of school prepared me for going to Penn-Griffin School for the Arts (PGSA). I attended PGSA for seven years, sixth through twelfth grade. Like Morehead, PGSA was an arts magnet school. In middle school, I “majored” in dance and I continued in advanced classes. My class was the first seventh grade class to take Algebra I and the first eighth grade class to take Algebra II. In seventh grade, I started taking voice lessons outside of school. I decided to apply for the high school in eighth grade. Unlike the middle school, the high school was a strictly honors and AP program whose application process included a relatively extensive written application, an academic review, and an audition. I was able to apply with no problems and I was accepted into the high school program.
I exceled in high school. I took almost every AP class my school offered and passed most of AP exams. I graduated as valedictorian with an unweighted GPA of 4.0 and a weighted GPA of approximately 4.9. I was the president of Gay-Straight Alliance and class president in senior year. My teachers and counselor supported me 100%. I think it is needless to say that getting into UNC was not a problem at all.
It is obvious that my childhood was nothing like Austin’s, Appachey’s, or Harley’s. While I would not go as far as to say that my

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