I Was A Strange Person

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I was a strange person. Most view themselves as being strange, but I was constantly pointed out as being very, very strange. Well, firstly, I was commonly considered an anti-vegan. Well, I did eat my greens, MOM, but still I always ended up eating the mean before the green stuff. And after. And in between. All right, I didn’t eat that much greens, but... ok, I have no excuse.

Anyhow, it started in the twenty-first of may. I was just out in the sun as usual, lying comfortably on a patch of grassy grass grass. I like grass, sure, but id never eat the stuff. I mean, why would you ever eat something GREEN? Man, what a strange thing to do.

As I was lying there, absorbed in the thought of how human emotion works, I noticed something in the bright sky. Something seemed to be... falling? Well, there was a blob of smoke behind it, so it must have been like, an aircraft just flying by. Ooooooooor, it could be a spaceship from the Andromedra galaxy, about to crash headfirst into my physical manifestation of self??? ah, who knows. Might be anythin-, KALLESKAVIAR …show more content…



A ma gawd

wAT happund? Did ma hiid ixplodd? Na na na, kant bi, kant bi...

why am I speaking like that, geez... where am I?

Around me I could see a whole bunch of... nothing? Everything? It felt familiar, like coming back home after years of living alone only to find it to have been replaced with a dump, ah, not that this place looked like a dump or any th-...

sup dude wassup

did a voice just echo in my head

ye dude

goshdamnit why is a voice echoing through my head not cool

sorry brah I dunno how else ta contact ya

eh bro its fine, who are you though, bro?

I'm da dude in charge 'round here

wait, you mean like, god,

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