I Was Born And Raised In The Small Town, Fayetteville Located

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I was born and raised in the small town, Fayetteville located in North Carolina. The town was beautiful. It was surrounded by thousands of trees and flowers. In the middle of the town, there was a strip, with a Bojangles, Wal-Mart, and The Waffle House. Why did my parents choose to live in such a small town? Because we were in the Army. The earliest memory I have, is of me running through our small two bedroom house, in a pink and purple track suit. At the time we lived on an Army Base right outside of Fayetteville, known as Fort Bragg. Growing up as an Army Brat was tough. In my pink and purple track suit, I ran towards my father as he carried his green duffle bag to the car. I was crying and yelling “Daddy! Daddy!” He quickly …show more content…

He came home when my mom gave birth to me, but shortly went back to South America. He was stationed in South America until I was four years old. He could only visit a few times a year. My mother became pregnant with my my little sister during one of his visits and was also absent throughout her second pregnancy. Again, he came home for the birth of my sister and shortly left to go back to South America. My father was in and out of my life growing up. As a child, I believed I had done something wrong. I thought if I cried, held, or told him I loved him enough times, that he would not leave. I tried everything, but he still left me. I was angry at my father for leaving, for not being there for me. As a result, I did not appreciate what my mother did for me. She took on both the roles of a mother and a father, while also having a full time job. She always made sure to pack my lunch for school or be the loudest person at my soccer games, but most of all, she made sure I knew that I was loved. When I think of my childhood, I always think of the memory of me running after my father in my track suit. It is the perfect way to describe my childhood. My father was dedicated to protecting our country. My father put his country first before his family. As I continued to get older, my resentment for the army increased. When my father returned from his tour in Afghanistan, I hated what the army had done to him. He was different, he was

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