I Watched The Film Girl, Interrupted Starring Winona Ryder And Angelina Jolie Essay

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1 A: I watched the film Girl, Interrupted starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. The film is based on a true story of a young woman with borderline personality disorder named Susana Kaysen. Following a suicide attempt, Susana admits herself into a psychiatric hospital with the encouragement of a mental health professional. Throughout the film, when Susana describes what she experiences psychologically, as well as flashbacks to her previous life in a detached and sulked tone –emphasizing the detachment that Susana feels from herself. Perhaps confronting the reality of her condition is too painful for Susana. Similar to a standard 1960’s mental hospital, patients are constrained to small, cage-like rooms and are treated nearly as prisoners, monitored every ten minutes. She continuously denies the credibility of the institution which entraps her. She resents by the idea of conformity and “sanity”. This is emphasized as she compares her own condition to Lisa, a seductive and violent sociopath whom she soon befriends. Through her stay, Susana gradually understands the structure of mental illnesses, develops social interactions and friendships he had never experienced before and is able to make sense of her condition. 1 B: Susanna displays signs of personality disorder and possible schizophrenia as she also hallucinates. Lisa is a powerful character who influences Susanna throughout the film that seems to be experiencing sociopathic tendencies. Daisy is another patient who

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