I Will No Longer Be Mademoiselle

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Tomorrow I will no longer be mademoiselle. Most women will be thrilled about this milestone, not me. I am a runner. This place is as dark as my heart. I hear a male voice. Have they found me yet? Nevermind, it is a gentleman who is offering me a drink. I accept his offer. As expected, a thank-you is not enough. He wants to have a conversation. I should’ve said no to his yukking drink.
“What is a bachelorette doing alone in a bar?” he asks.
“We all have something we love to use and abuse. Something we cannot live without. From time to time, we meet someone who believes in the impossible. Someone who is worth quitting for. Someone who makes us believe in green pastures. We hold on to that dream as a helpless rat in a laboratory surrenders to its fate and we give it a name. One beautiful day, we wake up and we are yukking alone. The sad truth sinks in our mind: No one is worth it. Nonetheless, it is not a doomed life as a mistake is what strengthens our addiction. We now embrace the urge to use again until it takes us to the next ‘fool.’ I should’ve gotten rid of the veil. I came for a drink. What about you?”
“I was a curious child. I learned about death at a very young age and I was of course frightened by it. I couldn’t sleep at night because I didn’t want to leave this new world. I was shocked at the acceptance of death by the adults. I remember asking one of my uncle, ‘Why are people not worried about dying?’ He told me, ‘Wait until you grow up and you will be just like

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