I 'm A Cyborg But That 's Ok Essay

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Baillie Padgett
FLM 201
Prof. Wysocki
Final Paper – I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK The film I’m a Cyborg but That’s OK (2006) takes place mainly in a mental hospital in Korea. The main character, Young-goon, is committed after cutting open her wrist and electrocuting herself with wires. She believes she is a cyborg, and therefore if she eats she will break down. In the hospital, she meets a young man, Il-soon, who is a kleptomaniac who believes he can steal parts of people’s personalities. He falls in love with her and eventually convinces her to eat again, thus saving her life. Throughout the film, the colors blue, yellow, and white are repeated in the background, and also in the character designs and clothing. The lighting, which is high key throughout the movie, plays a role in telling the story of the movie. In the opening scene of the movie, just after the beginning credits, the camera shows a factory hallway where there are many workers seated. Each worker is wearing a red uniform, and the lights on the ceiling are turned off, replaced instead by lights in each individual workspace. Immediately this gives the impression of being uniform and controlled, which makes Young-goon’s actions later in the scene so shocking. Each worker moves in unison, except Young-goon, who is instead staring at the ceiling and fidgeting with different pieces of a radio she is building. There is a voice-over of her mother talking with a doctor at the mental hospital, and when the camera shows
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