I 'm Pretty Hungry Thanks

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“Mom I need you to open the door, I can 't open something with one arm and crutches.” Nick said.
“Okay, I’m coming up now, just wait for me” said Mom.
Mom opened the door for me I leaned my crutches against the kitchen table and just flopped on the couched.
“How does it feel to be home?” Mom said.
“Great, I don’t think I 've ever been this happy to just lay on the couch.”
“Good I’m glad you’re finally home, I’ll make you something to eat.”
“I’m pretty hungry thanks”
While my Mom was cooking a sandwich for me, I thought, it 's finally over
But boy was I wrong that was only the beginning, it is only fit to start where it all began.
It was just another day with a baseball game to play in the afternoon. I woke up and said goodbye to my Mom as she was leaving for work. She told me that she had to work a double and that she wouldn 't be able to make my game. I told her that it was fine as she attends most of my games, so it really didn’t phase me at all. Since my Mom was working, she doesn 't like me going out. So I stayed in the house until I left for my game. I grabbed my bag and hopped on my bike and started to ride to the field. When I got to the field I discovered I was the first one there, as usual, so I started to stretch. Coach Rob pulled up just as I finished stretching.
“Hey how my favorite player doing?” Called coach Rob.
“Great! That week off was great I’m ready to play today” I said
“Good grab you bat. I’ll throw some pitches to you.”
“Okay, one

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